Quick PSA on fake copies and a new Twitter!

Hey all, James here!

Lately we've discovered an abundance of copies of Amanda the Adventurer on Google Play as well as a bunch of merch on RedBubble using direct screenshots from the game. I'm here to make an official statement just for clarity:

Currently, the only place to download this game is off of this itch page, we do not have any official Android or Apple versions of the game released at the moment. Additionally, we don't have any official merch up at any stores.

This is something that's been a problem for content creators as its a pretty gross tactic that can hurt a piece of media's sales or reputation. While it's true we don't sell this game, simply having people play it helps us and stuff like this hurts our games growth and could potentially portray us as something we're not. (Also...the game's free?) This of course doesn't apply to people making something inspired by our game, in fact I encourage it! It's amazing to see people build off of what we created and it'd be hypocritical of me to callout those projects when our game is a literal parody of a Nick Jr cartoon. We love seeing fan creations; they are all amazing and warms our hearts every time we see something new. If you make original works of our game such as fan art and want to sell it as a poster or apparel, by all means please do!

What I'm talking about is a exact copy of our game on mobile or any other platform that isn't itch.io or unofficial merch clearly ripped directly from our game that our team has not created, reviewed or approved; that's not okay. Me and the team have been doing a fairly diligent job reporting these copies on the Google Play Store and if you'd like to help us out, that'd be awesome of you as it'd help us out a lot! If you're unsure how to report these fraudulent copies:

1). Open the game's store page and select the three dot symbol on the top left of the screen and tap “Flag as inappropriate”

2). Under the list of options, choose  “Copycat or impersonation” and tap submit

In some less-sucky news: we recently created an official Amanda the Adventurer Twitter account! This one is ours and will most likely be where we announce any plans or retweet any of the amazing fanart or fan work you guys have made, so check us out at @AmandaAdvnturer if that sounds like something you'd wanna see.

With that I take my leave. Once again, thank you all so much for your support. We're just about to hit 500k downloads which is just....wow...to put it frankly! You guys are so amazing, thank you for playing and talking about our game, if you were all a pie you'd be cherry because y'all are so sweet and Wooly wouldn't be allergic to you. Until next time


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I'm sorry that you have to deal those fakers on the app store from the IOS and google play store from android just to make a quick buck off of your game you guys created, I hope for the future for this game will be able to get the amount of love that it always deserve. have a good day or night. stay safe. :) 

In case you, the developer of this game, didn't know, you can report copyright infringement on Google Play from https://support.google.com/legal/answer/3110420. It looks like only the copyright holder or their legal representative can submit this report.

D'oh people are ripping off your game?

Wow, absolutely terrible. Went ahead and gave the twitter a follow! Love the game


Np ikr SOMONE MADE A REALLY bad version of urs also can we have new ending? like somone like dora come saves woolie omg im so sorry if its astupid idea...!


I Reported 3 Games So Far


So sorry, guys. That fake merch part really annoyed me. Some real bottom feeders out in the world and you'll never get rid of them, because even if they're shut down they collected lots of quick cash. They'll do it again. At least it shows you're a trendsetter that you're copied this way. 

I know that doesn't really help because money and credit are real and important, but know that liars and cheats only copy, never create something themselves.

Ok so what james if you say that no YouTubers can make YouTube videos to stop it so don't report yet I wanna know if my fav YouTubers are talking about it

Ive never played the game but i really like it so, 10000/10! =D


The game was a internet sensation

exactly, and once a game gets popular, there’s bound to be ripoffs.


game is very good 1000/10