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Scary game

The memories from my childhood that I didn't need to remember, hahaha I love the nostalgic approach to the game! There's something about fumbling with VHS tapes that makes me look back keenly, even though I know they were irritating. And then you add in the sinister layer of the experience. Dev, my brain is corrupted!

Great Work!

This was insanely creepy. I really hope this gets expanded on with more endings, seems like the perfect game for something like that! I really enjoyed my time playing this!!


Played through the game, loved it and how creepy it is, the ending was great.

Awesome!  I like your game.


yo can someone help?
ive been trying to get this game to work but its been broken, the screen is black and i can see anything on the tv
pls let me know what i need to do

Really enjoyed this, real creepy.


Very creepy game!

I really hope this game gets an update! It was very interesting and I'd like to see more!

Kinda sad how it is really short. i hope in the next update we get more episodes

I really tried so hard to do the wrong things lol didn’t go well for me. Great game, really loved this. Hope there will be more! 

lol I was trying to save the sheep

I'm doomed, I just love clicking the wrong thing on purpose TOO MUCH and have earned this girl's ire.

the sheep was like "DONT DO IT"The game was very fun

amanda not jokin around

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I have no words for it. Very immersive, cool graphics and interesting gameplay. Looking forward for your next games. (Pt-BR) 

Mr. Rogers would be so proud!

Full Play NO Commentary 

Amazing! I hope to see more added on to this, and more lore (we gotta get matpat to do a theory on it-).


okay, there actually need to be more games like this. I've actually never seen this before and I loved it! I also love how you can completely disobey Amanda. Great work!

I love this idea of the kid friendly info video and then it goes south when you are wrong 

Great game and I hope you make more to this game 

This was sooo good, honestly going into it i didn't think it would be that good, but build up and just the general atmosphere was so good what an amazing job you done mate, we need more Dora.... OH CRAP! sorry Amanda in our life please make a sequel! if anyone wants to check out my gameplay here it is if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button


I saw Manly Badass Hero playing this and I am just in love. First of all I love seeing a cute little black girl as a primary character! Second, it's so creepy and really well made. It's simple in it's horror, and really gives me the chills. You all did great, thanks for making this. 

Certainly a good base for something more. I would love it it where were some secrets scattered in.

same!! this game is just begging for some secrets or something! from what i've seen it basically plays the exact same way no matter what you type or do but i wish there was more to it!!! this is such a good concept

Look... for a game created for a game jam, it has good potential. In addition to referring a little to the times of the FMV Games, from the Sega CD, it can still present more features that would make the game more interesting if they decide to continue working on it. It has a lot of potential, without a doubt. Congratulations guys.

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.


I wish it would be a little more longer but still it was a good game and how all of the details in the game matches shows i used to watch as a child
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The game was cute and sweet. If this story has more deeper lore, than maybe we can summon matpat. 

(also I just realize while I was editing "amanda" character is like dora & her hair cut/glitches are from adult swim up coming show called pibby.)

Downloads Amanda v1 window 10 HOW

what the you ?

Your game is excellent


I would love to see more of this. It's great.

god I’d love to see this one updated in the future, or have a sequel. Good job on this one!

amazing game, really fun to play and always wanted to see how the next tape would play out 

Nice game! Can't wait for more updates!


Fun ! :D can you see the demon ? i cant see the demkjiuhliut

hope you guys enjoy the vid :D

Show post...

oh my gosh ...jumpscary childs


Very nice!

I enjoyed the vibes here, but I wish the experience had been a bit more interactive. Lots of potential for future installments, though! Worth checking out!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: 

love your game :):):):):):):):)

how can i download it ? :D

You can now, download link should be visible! Sorry about that 😅


its all good :D im excited to try it :)

Im scared if i try it

you can do it :D

OK :0

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