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This video might be a hint for what is written on a fridge! Thank you for updating, it was a good demo having a lot of foreshadowings I guess!

Can we appreciate how  MANGLED  put their efforts on games for us?

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This was such a pleasant surprise I genuinely didn't think we was getting anything in till full release but this really has hyped me up so much, and it was absolutely brilliant, the style the sounds the horror everything was on point fantastic work, i cant wait for full game, this game means so much to me personally due to the fact that it was the reason my channel is where it is today so I'm so excited for this, thanks dev for his unexpected surprise your a legend in the making! 

gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

That new description is something I'm not seeing many people talking about... a few noteworthy things I've noticed are as follows: 

1. In the Pilot Episode's description, "Baking a pie" is listed as one of the episodes in the box set. This episode only appears here, and is never shown anywhere in any Pilot Episode version at all except an offhanded reference during the "Going to the store" episode (Amanda mentions wanting to bake a pie as the reason for getting the apples). Is it possible that "Baking a pie" was intentionally separated from the rest of the box set somewhere down the line? Maybe Aunt Kate found "Baking a pie" separate from the rest of the box set found by the guy in the Pilot Episode, or maybe she intentionally got rid of the rest after realizing how dangerous Amanda was. But, it didn't matter; by playing the first tape, she already summoned Amanda's interest - especially since more tapes seem to just... show up on their own under the right circumstances, it seems like it was already too late for her as soon as she pressed play.

2. In the description, you're using "they" pretty consistently when referring to this version's player character, Riley. Is it fair to assume they're meant to be non-binary?

That's cool!

AWESOME UPDATE! I missed the last one so this was my first look into 3D Amanda the Adventurer. Can't wait for the full game! 

This update was amazing... please tell me that fridge drawing actually means something... awesome job!

Can't wait for the full release!

Great update.

miss u wooly <3 apple is the best

NO Commentary 

Very good!

ngl i saw bijuu's vid on this. best game ever.

I'm just glad to see Wooly back after you know... the last game lmao

love it thank you 


Please never make a game again.

umm.. what?

what do u mean? do you not like it.. if not then keep ur opinions to urself 


I'm really loving the direction the game is going, the vibe is just phenomenal 

How do I play this on Mac?

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The demo was short and sweet, it's also good.

THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! What more can I say!? Full release is going to be mindblowing!

I ran to my computer to play this! I'm so happy it'll be a full game, love the changes. It's more cutesy but still disturbing with more lore. 

So excited!! Love how this is looking!

Can't wait for the full release. SHE IS STILL DISTURBING AS USUAL.

I am so excited to play the full version of this game. I've dabbled with every update and I'm looking to have a blast with the full game!

LOVE IT! I'm really looking forward to the full release! Keep up the good work!